Charlotte Howard is an award-winning transformational lifestyle coach, #1 international best selling author of the “Success In Beauty” book series, “Hair Stylist Riches” book series and How To Easily Publish and Profit. She is a book publishing expert who personally published over 40 best selling books in 13 different languages. She has been called by the Information Marketing Journal a “Information Marketing Genius” and featured in over 100 media outlets including ABC, NBC and FOX.

From her experience she has created high performance, proven programs that will empower and inspire you to transform your life. As a Visionary of The Hair Stylist Riches Movement and Success In Beauty Movement, her Beauty Boss Secrets has helped thousands of beauty industry experts, entrepreneurs and women achieve their heartfelt goals and dreams. In her free time, she travels and explores beautiful vacation destinations with her family. She also loves teaching, reading, writing, taking brisk walks on the beach, listening to music, dancing and watching movies.
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