Charlotte Howard is the world’s leading certified women’s transformational book writing success coach, a 50-time International bestselling author and one of the most-highly paid women’s book publishing consultants and influential women’s book publishing expert trainers in the world.

Charlotte knows how to fast track your heartfelt creative book ideas into transformational, profitable, passive income generating and client getting machines. Charlotte has a core passion and purpose to help women create their dream lives doing what they love. Charlotte believes that women lead a happier and fulfilling life when they are living with passion and purpose.

Charlotte has been called by the Information Marketing Journal a “Information Marketing Genius”. Amazon and the Yearbook of Experts named her one of the most influential women in the world of beauty and women’s transformational book publishing industries.

Her most recent transformational book series, Success In Beauty, Hair Stylist Riches and How To Easily Publish and Profit all launched in 13 different languages as #1 International Best Selling Books In multiple categories including Women in Personal Development, Beauty and Business.

She is also in the Top 1% Most Followed Transformational Public Figures In Beauty and Women’s Book Publishing on LinkedIn, with over 100,000+ fans across her pages. She helps her women clients amplify their message, transform lives and grow their book business beyond 6-Figures using her proprietary Write, Speak and Profit Method!!

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