Charlotte’s Specialized Areas of Expertise:

  • 18+ Years Corporate Beauty Salon Business Manager
  • 18+ Years Board Certified Licensed Cosmetologist
  • 18+ Years Certified Life Coach
  • 18+ Years Certified Book Writing Prosperity Coach
  • 10+ Years Board Certified Neurolinguistic Programming
  • 3+ Years Certified Life Force Energy Healer

Charlotte’s Advanced Personal Development Training:

  • Steve G. Jones Life Coaching and Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Tony Robbins Wealth and Lifestyle Training
  • Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy Training

Charlotte’s Advanced Million Dollar Speaker Training:

  • Pete Vargas Certified Stage To Scale Method Speaker

Charlotte’s Advanced Public Relations Training:

  • Pam Perry’s PR Bootcamp
  • Pam Perry’s Branding Accelerator Program

Charlotte’s Advanced Client Attraction Marketing Training:

  • Fabienne Fredrickson Client Attraction

Charlotte’s Advanced Ecommerce Million Dollar Sales Training:

  • Ann Sieg’s Ecommerce Business School

Charlotte’s Advanced Million Dollar Beauty Salon Business Training:

  • Marquetta Breslin’s Million Dollar Stylist

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