Charlotte Howard is one of those rare finds: An individual with a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field who is at the same time equipped to meet people “where they are” with a soft, personal touch and help them craft solutions that are as unique as their problems might be. I have no doubt that she will continue to help strengthen hair stylists and beauty industry professionals for many years to come!  -Elizabeth Kraus, Marketing Consultant, Best Selling Author

As a celebrity hair artist I had the great pleasure to be audio interviewed by Charlotte Howard on her radio show and had the most memorable experience to date. Charlotte is not only a gracious, thorough and exciting host, Charlotte makes you feel as if you’ve known her for years which made our interview warmly comfortable. Her show is a wonderful outlet to share with the world your accolades and future goals and I highly recommend Charlotte as the ideal host and organization to globally share your accomplishments with and believe me, you’ll be in great company with the personable and professional Charlotte Howard. -Nedjetti Harvey, Celebrity Hair Artist

Charlotte is an amazing woman, entrepreneur, and show host, the first time I was invited to her show, I was blown away of how powerful and engaging her show is. She is definitely a powerhouse and since the very first time I had the privilege to be invited onto her show, I knew I had to keep up the conversation with Charlotte and since then, we have collaborated a few times and each time, it has been nothing but a pleasure to be working with this amazing woman. I am honored to have you in my circle of amazing entrepreneurs and change makers! -Kay Sanders, Intuitive Business Coach, Mindset Mentor, Best Selling Author

I recently appeared on Charlotte Howard’s radio show. She is a high energy, engaging, inquisitive host who knows just the right questions to ask. She makes it her mission to educate and entertain her listeners! By engaging her guests in the manner she does, it really makes for a lively, upbeat program which stimulates the listener’s mind. She causes you to smile, laugh, think and reflect on the content. I highly recommend Charlotte and her show. -John Brubaker, Executive Coach

Charlotte is one of the most professional women in the beauty industry I know. She is passionate about bring education to our up and coming professionals. I was on her Radio Show and my entire experience was very professionally handled. I welcome additional opportunities to work with such a beautiful spirit. -Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo, Confidence & Personal Presence Coach

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Charlotte Howard is an early adopter. She is very authentic. She knows her stuff. – Pam Perry, Ministry Marketing Solutions


The day that I was asked by the beautiful Charlotte Howard to work on the anthology project Success in Beauty, The Secrets to Effortless Fulfillment and Happiness with her was by far one of the most tearful days of my life. After the initial shock and denial of her wanting me on the project I began to thank God and weep uncontrollably. I thanked Him for sending an Angel into my life to guide me in my purpose. The journey was absolutely delightful. Charlotte made it so. She was 110% encouraging, supportive, loving, patient, and understanding. This was my first book project and I had a lot of questions that she answered in such a loving manner. I love when she calls me Queen Believe me she can soothe the savage beast.

Charlotte is an entrepreneur, mentor and leader extraordinaire. I look forward to working on more projects with Charlotte. She has inspired me to pursue writing other books of my own. Look out world. Charlotte has brought out the best in me and I want to make her proud by becoming the multiple International Best Selling Author that she has led me to be. Queen Charlotte Howard, I thank you for bringing out the best in me. I will be forever grateful. –Tina A. Hobson, International Best Selling Author

Dr. Karen Jacobson

I’m super excited to be part of Success in Beauty. I am grateful to Charlotte for her vision & honored to be among such talented, passionate women. Success in Beauty has something to offer to all women from ages 16 or 17 to 60’s & 70’s. A book with great wisdom & inspiration to go back to again & again! –Dr. Karen R Jacobson, High Performance Strategist

Cindy Christi_1

Charlotte is not only an incredible inspiration to me she is an inspiration to all women…this anthology is going to be one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself this season and that’s because of the heart and soul behind every page! Being a part of this book has truly been like becoming a part of a sisterhood and I am so excited for our beautiful circle of incredible, passionate movers and shakers to expand as it touches hearts and ignites a fire within every reader this book reaches –Cindy Christi, Get Ready Image

Bonnie Bonadeo_1

One of my dreams was to be a published author for this year and I really didn’t know how to start, and the lovely Charlotte was like an angel coming to me with all the answers and support to make this dream happen for me, I am thrilled to be engaged with so many powerful women and for Charlotte for providing such an amazing opportunity to me. –Bonnie Bonadeo, President & Founder of The Beauty Agents


Charlotte Howard’s ability to organize and lead a team of women surpassed my expectations. She brings all of her wisdom, experience, and kindness to the table to ensure the success of her projects and those with whom she works. Charlotte is a natural leader and, from the moment we met, she gave 100%. Her generosity with her time and skill has enabled me to feel more confident about being an author and women’s messenger. Being a part of the Success In Beauty anthology has been a joy. There is no question in my mind that Charlotte is living her purpose and dreams and helping others to do the same! –Kellie R. Stone Women’s Life Purpose Visionary, Founder of Women’s Life Link

Darlene Alexander_1

Charlotte Howard is extraordinary! She has been a pleasure to work with on this project. She has a heart for helping others to reach their goals. Always bringing to the table motivation, encouragement, inspiration and a dynamic smile!!! –Darlene Alexander, Co-founder of Heavenly Essence, Inc

Brenni Larson_2

This was such a fun trip, that I look forward to traveling with Charlotte down the book launch road again soon! Charlotte allowed me to share my journey to empower women in a structured environment. The trip was fun, and I got to network with like-minds and expand myself through their chapters! –Brenni Larson, Telesummit and Hangout Host

Elinor Stutz_1

It is an honor to work with Charlotte Howard by teaming up on her collaborative project. “Success in Beauty”. Highly professional, yet warm and welcoming, Charlotte guides her collaborators into providing their best insights so that respective communities may learn and grow. It’s no surprise Charlotte Howard is an award winning entrepreneur and 5 time international best selling author. We all have much to learn! –Elinor Stutz, Smooth Sale

Bridgette L Collins_1

My first introduction to Charlotte Howard was in March 2012 when I learned about her radio show, The Hair Artist Association Radio Show. Intrigued by what I had read about her and her initiatives, I wanted to dialogue with her and be a guest on her show. Once we connected on her radio show in May 2012, I was so honored to be a guest. I learned even more about her vision and passion to not only inspire and support beauty industry professionals, but to also help professionals like me from other industry sectors to achieve success with our initiatives and products.

During our radio interview, Charlotte projected an excitement, energy and commitment that solidified what I had read about her. I better understood her purpose to build an integrated platform that afforded professionals like me an opportunity to share an expanded perspective on developing, implementing and sustaining healthy lifestyles that nurtures success. As a part of being a guest on her show, I also learned that one of the benefits included the “building of a reliable partnership” with the guest.

As I reflect on my first introduction to Charlotte and the continued interactions with her since 2012, I can honestly state that Charlotte not only publicizes her intentions, but that she also honors her intentions. I am a true testament of her honoring her commitment to “build a reliable partnership”.

I thank God for Charlotte and His directing her consideration of me to be a part of the Success In Beauty Anthology. She has truly been and continues to be a blessing to me. –Bridgette L. Collins Author, Running/Fitness Coach, and Motivational Speaker

“Charlotte Howard is a business minded person with a lot of knowledge that is very useful in any profession. A pleasure to work with.” -Sonya Davis, Image Beauty Consultant