Success and Beauty Talk Radio Show, is a Live talk show where Charlotte Howard interview today’s most inspiring and successful beauty, business, and lifestyle experts and entrepreneurs released monthly!

Every episode FOCUSES on the beauty, business and lifestyle JOURNEY of the VIP guest, highlighting their SECRETS, STRATEGIES, STRUGGLES, TECHNIQUES, and what has them EXCITED today about ACHIEVING Personal and Professional goals so YOU, the listener, can learn from their LESSONS. Connect with us on our brand new facebook page at

Women 90%
Men 10%
Reach: 100,000+
Average Income: 50,000 – 100,000+ per year


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I had a fantastic time being a guest on Charlotte Howard’s Success and Beauty Talk Radio Show! She’s an excellent host. As a guest, it was super easy to call into. I could easily hear Charlotte, and overall loved the way the show flowed. She asked great questions that supported me in covering a variety of things I do. It was also awesome how she was able to facilitate live audience questions and comments. I’ve also listened to other episodes. Charlotte’s show is fun, insightful and inspirational. I highly recommend Charlotte’s show! Thank you, Charlotte! -Kim O`Neill, Personal Empowerment, Career Transition & Interview Confidence Coach

“Ms. Charlotte Howard is a very resourceful, dependable and professional woman of integrity. She takes pride in delivering quality work and through her own experience is able to help others live more organized and fulfilling entrepreneurial lifestyles. I recommend Charlotte as a resource and adviser as it relates to becoming your own boss. Through her radio show, she provides inspiration to her listeners by allowing them to hear the stories and testimonies of those who have achieved their goals. These testimonies help to groom and motivate those who are in the beginning stages of their journey! Thank you Charlotte for all that you do!” -Kenyada Jones, Owner, Educator & Stylist

I appreciate the time I got to spend today with Charlotte Howard on her Radio Show. A show full of positive and uplifting information for professionals to use in their personal and professional lives! Keep up the great work Charlotte! The Snap Out of It! Woman -DeDe Murcer Moffett Wake Up, Stand Up & Snap Out of It!

Charlotte brings together a diverse list of guests which makes her platform a great resource for listeners. If a potential guest can potentially enrich the lives and careers of people, she is bringing them to the show. If you are striving to be a well-rounded entrepreneur, you should follow Charlotte. -Veronica Woods, Author of The A-List Salon: Insider Secrets of How Profitable Salons Wow Their Clients Every Day

I recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Success and Beauty Talk Radio Show. The host, Charlotte, was a pleasure to speak with and allowed for a very enjoyable interview experience.

She was enthusiastic, positive, encouraging, and an overall incredible host. I’m excited to would recommend her show to everyone interested in the Cosmetic, Beauty, and Business and Lifestyle Industries -Patrick Rodo, Founder of Rodo’s Balm.